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I have known David for 15 years and his results are tremendous.  Everything he does is simple and straightforward, but very effective. His program is designed for the average golfer and it just flat out works.

In fact we teach our golfers many of the same keys that his program focuses on. 

If you want to drop strokes from your game right now,  I recommend that you get his program today!

Dale Dover
Golf Coach
Darton College-- 3 time NCJAA National Champions  (2005, 2006, 2007)        



From the desk of David Stargel
The Golf Nut-- 888 462 0816

Dear Friend,

     If you are interested in shooting lower golf scores, eliminating long hours of hitting balls on the practice range, and hitting your golf shots longer and straighter, this will be the most important letter your will ever read.

     Here's what it's all about:  My name is David Stargel and let my tell you my story. I didn't grow up playing golf, I learned golf as an adult.  And immediately I was hooked. I just fell in love with the game.  And I immediately set out to improve my golf game

   And I believed what the golf industry told me:  To get better, you need to take lessons and practice. Practice and hit golf balls at the driving range. Then keep practicing and taking lessons until you have developed a mechanically sound golf swing. 

     So I set out to do just that.  I literally went off the deep end about golf. In fact, I became such a golf nut that in addition to taking golf lessons and going to the driving range all the time, I also had not one, but two practice bags of golf balls that I would take out back and pound away after supper.

     I took lesson after lesson, doing everything my "golf guru", the teaching pro told me. I even flew across the country to a week long golf school on the West Coast. But they kept trying to change my golf swing and the things that they showed me were about as simple as engineering plans for the space shuttle.

     I scoured the bookstores and bought and read 15 different golf instruction books on how to improve my game. I also bought 2 different sets of golf clubs touted as being the most forgiving on the market. I tried 5 different swing trainers that all promised to fix my swing. 

     Finally my wife told me that I had lost my mind.  You've probably heard the same thing before. But I started to wonder if my wife was right.  I mean who else but a crazy man would spend $ 450 on golf books, $ 250 on golf instruction, $ 289 on swing trainers, over $2,000 on new golf clubs, $1,000 to go to a golf school, and over 500 hours per year and keep getting the same results?


I Worked And Worked...My Fingers To The Bone


     I was hitting 200-300 golf balls every time I went to  the range. I was hitting another 75-100 golf balls after dinner. I literally spent 2-3 hours 3 or 4 times a week hitting golf balls. I hit balls until  my hands felt like like they had calluses the size of golf balls.  I mean, the grounds keeper at my golf club was threatening to make me come help him with the maintenance at the driving range.    

     I had literally tried it all. I worked hard and I practiced hard, but I then I just hit the wall.  I just couldn't couldn't do it.  No matter what I did or tried I just wasn't getting any better.

      I remember hitting golf balls at the range one day and there was a young golfer hitting balls beside me.  He was probably college age or so.  He was hitting golf balls with an ease that was amazing and depressing at the same time.

     After watching him, I started to cringe when I hit my shots, knowing that my swing must  look like I was wrestling an octopus compared to his effortless, buttery smooth golf swing.

     The golf ball seemed to just leap off his club and soar in a beautiful draw, landing exactly where he was aiming.  I hit a few more shots and I became so frustrated I just packed up my golf clubs and went home ready to throw them in the trash can!


Quitting Can Be Your Ticket To Freedom


     And so, after spending all that time practicing and all that money on golf lessons, golf equipment, and golf instruction books  I finally decided it was time to just quit!  I was completely frustrated. You probably have felt this very same frustration.

     So I decided to quit listening to the experts and quit trying to master the "perfect golf swing". And I knew that there must be thousands of golfers out there who felt just like I did.

     And once I made this decision, my frustration was gone.  I didn't have to feel like I was "failing" at golf anymore.  I started to look at the game in a completely different light.


Don't Let The Golf Industry Hold You Hostage Any Longer


     Did you know that only 10%-20% of all golfers in the world, including the pros ever shoot below 90.... and it's because of what you haven't been told by the golf industry.  And that's because the golf industry is holding you hostage.

     The golf industry is huge and growing every day.  This multi billion dollar industry wants you to keep coming back.....back for more lessons and back to buy the latest and greatest "new technology" golf clubs.

     The golf pros that teach golf the traditional way are just maintaining this status quo....because they know how difficult it is to master the complex techniques that they are teaching and you will have to keep coming back for more.


Is Golf Supposed To Be This Hard?


     I decided that there had to be an easier way for someone like us, just average golfers, to get better and enjoy golf more.  I just refused to believe that golf needed to be as hard as eating soup with a fork.

     I studied my golf game and talked to golfer after golf to discover what they struggled with, what were their biggest frustrations with golf. Out of all of this research, a startling revelation appeared. 

     Over 93% of the survey responses from frustrated golfers had two common factors.  First, there were 3 "critical mistakes" that these amateur golfers were consistently making and they were completely unaware that they were making them. Second, they described trying to master the mechanics of the golf swing as being way too hard.  In fact, one golfer described it as being as hard as stuffing barbed wire into a paper bag.

     I immediately threw everything that I had been taught out the window and focused on developing a simple program based on these two factors. They became the foundational keys of my golf program.

     Correcting these critical mistakes combined with eliminating the quest for the "perfect" golf swing were like winning the lottery for me. They were the "light bulb" breakthrough that finally allowed me to play much better golf.  

        And so I set out to develop my program with one primary purpose:  To help every amateur golfer like us get the ball in the cup in fewer strokes easily and quickly.


I Lowered My Scores A
Full 10 Strokes Almost Immediately


     Yes, that's right. I lowered my scores a full 10 strokes and cut my practice down to 20-30 minutes a couple of times a month! All without expensive golf lessons, those huge calluses from practice, or even more frustration.

     I continued to refine my approach and cut another 13 strokes off my game.  Now I play more consistently, hit the ball farther and straighter, and am having a blast again.

     And it is so much fun to play against those really good golfers who used to shake their heads and smile at my frustration on the driving range.  Whenever I beat them in the weekly "blitz" tournament, their faces turn red in embarrassment and I just smile and shake their hands and head to the 19th hole to collect the drink that they owe me. 

      And I want to help you end your frustration by sharing this revolutionary information with you so that you can lower your golf scores quickly and easily just like I did.  And I guarantee it will work for you!  And I am going to let you try it risk FREE for 6 months to see if I'm right (see details below).



This Isn't A Typo, I Honestly Dropped 10 Strokes.

I was very skeptical about reading yet another golf help book but, I am happy to say that I'm glad I did. I am very very pleased with my progress so far. The first few pages of the book actually helped me drop 10 strokes. No this isn't a typo, I honestly dropped "10" strokes.

This book is simple, to the point, and makes sense. My best round was a 113 but, after reading the book and practicing, I shot a 103 at the same golf course. I know that it may not seem like much to some people but, to me it's awesome.

I am very confident that my scores will drop even more by the end of the summer. If you are ready to throw your clubs in the next water hazard, don't. Read this book and regain your love for the game. Keep up the great work and from one golf nut to another, THANK YOU!

Bernie Karoly


I Have Dropped 5-10 Strokes On My Game


I have been playing for 15 years and wanted to improve but was turned off by instructional books because they seemed too technical for me.  But this book's program is very easy to understand and apply to my game. 

Since picking up the book I have dropped 5-10 strokes on my game.  Most of the ideas just make sense and are simple.

Ken Heidlberger 


You Will Drop Shots

Although I have only been playing golf a short time, I can't thank you enough for your great program.

With the limited time that I have had to play so far, I am already dropping shops with the help of your book.  If  you follow this program, you will drop shots. FACT!

Kraig Needs


I Am Playing The Best Golf Of My Life

When I saw your guarantee about losing 7-10 strokes, I thought it was just one more golf book full of hype.  I have read so many  instruction books that just haven't helped my game at all.

But your guarantee convinced me to give it a try.  I mean what did I have to lose?  And this was absolutely the best move I've ever made.

I am playing the best golf of my life and your program is the reason.    I have already dropped 9 strokes and gotten rid of a slice that I’ve had since I started playing golf!

I would tell any golfer, GRAB THIS BOOK NOW!

Jeff Williamson


It Should Help Any Level Of Amateur Golfer

I started playing golf in 1988, and played my best golf as a single handicap of 8 for a number of  years. Then I had a long break of more than 3 years from golf.

Now I am back to playing and trying to work on my game.  It feels almost like learning to swing all over again.

After reading the Golf Nut ebook, I went to the practice range and tried to work on few things as advised in the program. After working for only a short while I went out to play and shot a score under 40 for 9 holes for the first time since I started playing again.  It was great.

As an experienced old golfer I must say, this program is awesome, it should help any level of amateur golfer, but for those shooting in the mid 90’s and higher, it should work wonders!

TeeJay Chowdhury


I Dropped 6 Shots Off My Handicap The First Week

I just wanted to let you know how excited I am. I dropped 6 shots off my handicap the first week!

I haven't even finished the entire book and I can't wait to see what happens in week 2.

Todd Jenkins


I'm Getting Close To Breaking 90

Your book helped my game so much. I'm putting and chipping so much better, and I've finally figured out how to transfer my weight after eight years of playing the game.

Since I've lowered my scores, golf is a lot more enjoyable. Some people don't believe the 7-10 stroke decrease, but I'm telling you it lowered my score even more. I was shooting in the low hundreds (103-115) and the other day I got out and I shot a 93. 

The book was easy to understand, and very helpful. I took each chapter with me to the driving range and putting greens. I did one chapter a day and now I'm getting close to breaking 90 


Mike Clermont


Helped Me To Cut 4 Strokes Off My Very Next Round

Thank  you Golf Nut!  I saw an immediate change in my game.  The short game section helped me to cut 4 strokes off my very next round.

I have tried all kinds of books in the past and taken many lessons.  Nothing seemed to work.  I had been working really hard for 3 years to lower my scores, but wasn't having any luck.

But your book has done more for my golf game in two weeks than all the lessons I've taken put together!

Jim Studdart


It Did Indeed Shave Off 7 Strokes A Round. 

I was skeptical at first as I have heard and seen many "golf aids and trainers" (and unfortunately own many of them), but your
book simplifies the game and has helped much more than I ever  anticipated. 

It did indeed shave off 7 strokes a round. Thanks!

John Ichiuji


     Why Golf Lessons and Books Just Don't Work


     My research told me that almost all golfers who have taken golf lessons and tried the available golf instruction books on the market had the same reaction.  Everything they tried just didn't work.  Why?  Well, here is what they said:

  • They are way too complex.  Everything was explained in technical terms about the golf swing.  This plane, this rotation, that axis, etc.  You almost had to have a masters in physics to understand them.

  • They take way too much time.  In all of these methods and books, you had to commit so much time to learning the steps, or the setup, or a particular sequence of moves, etc.  Golfers said that they would rather be playing golf, not practicing all the time.

  • They are geared towards the better golfersThe methods and lessons weren't designed to be simple and easy for the golfers who most need the improvement.  You needed to be a good golfer already just to be able to perform the drills, much less carry it to the golf course.

  • No way to put it all together.  Most golf books just give you a series of drills or diagrams with no step by step instruction.  You are left on your own to figure out how to apply the instruction.

  • It takes too long to see any progress.  Whether you are taking lessons or using a program or book, it normally takes several weeks or even months to finally put it all together and start to see concrete results.  And the truth is: most golfers have already given up by this point

  • It doesn't stick.  And this is because they are making changes to your basic swing.  Did you know that studies have shown that it takes 21 days of repetitive practice to ingrain just one small golf swing change? And it takes many, many changes to overhaul a golf swing.


     All of this means that if you go the traditional way you will be just like I was.....constantly practicing and practicing, correcting this small part or that little piece of the golf swing. Hitting hundreds and hundreds of golf balls. You'll be practicing golf, not playing and enjoying golf.


So Go Ahead and Quit...And
Discover The Difference: Quick, Easy Results


     Here is how my program is different.  My program was developed from day one to give the average golfer these benefits... Make it easy, take very little time, and it absolutely MUST work for the average golfer.

     And I give you a process that is not only simple, but I also will give you a step by step plan for the first three weeks.  I will guarantee you'll drop 10 shots, AND I'll give you the exact road map to get there.

     Golf does not have to be hard or frustrating. So do like I did and quit.... Quit listening to the rest of the golf industry and let me show you the keys to good golf without a complete overhaul of your golf swing.

I Am Already Cutting Strokes                                 

I'm only part of the way through your book and I am
already cutting strokes
. I have taken lessons and read article after article on how to fix various parts of my game as well as several books with illustrations.

The result was basically the same time after time, zilch. Most of the time the explanations and instructions were on the level of calculus, leaving me more confused than before I read it.

I have found your book to be simple to follow and easy to understand. Those two ingredients are what success is all about. Thanks for keeping it simple.

Joe Ford

     My program doesn't follow the traditional methods. And if you follow my methods, you will be going against the grain. You won't be using traditional techniques or going back to your golf pro. And when you are done with my program, you won't want to go back.

     When you start hitting fairways consistently and two putting green after green, they may even accuse you of cheating. But you won't care because you'll know you are, in fact, using an unfair advantage, just a legal one.

     And then your buddies will be begging you to tell them how you did it!



What You Will Discover That
Will Dramatically Improve Your Golf Game:

  • How to hit straighter shots by eliminating your slice in two simple steps. There is one major reason why most amateurs slice the golf ball.  You will learn how to eliminate this problem from your swing.

  • Two little known techniques for getting rid of the inconsistency that drives you crazy in the middle of a round.  There are a couple of critical elements that normally cause this problem and you are going to  learn how to eliminate those immediately and for good.

  • The secret to accelerating to lower scores by breaking through three key mental barriers that slow amateur golfers down. Once you have these conquered, you will be amazed how quickly your scores will drop.

  • The single most important thing in the game for amateur golfers and how you can nail it time after time.

  • The key to add distance to your tee shots. My unique but simple techniques will add 10-20 yards to your iron shots and a power burst of 20-40 yards to your drives.

  • A unique practice routine that will cut your practice time down to a minimum, leaving you MORE time to be on the golf course and with the family.  Spending hours just hitting buckets of ball is not productive.   You will learn how to get MAXIMUM results with a few focused steps

  • How to eliminate frustration and allow you to enjoy golf.  My program will have you dropping shots IMMEDIATELY and learning how to play the best golf of your life.  By cutting strokes quickly, you will lose that frustration and enjoy golf more than you ever have.

  • A simpler approach to the game. My program and drills are simple and easy. Almost every golfer that I talk with tells me how complex everything else they have tried before was. My research with golfers just like YOU helped me to develop this program for the average golfer, it wasn't developed with complex routines that only scratch golfers can do.

  • How to zero in on trouble spots in your golf game quickly with laser like focus.  My simple scorecard allows you to maximize the first two weeks of the program and to drop the most strokes possible in the shortest amount of time.

  • The shortest path to a rock solid short game.  You'll no longer groan with frustration if you miss the green on your approach shot...because you know that you can still get up and down for the score that you need.

  • The easiest way to make consistently solid contact with the ball.  Remember how great it feels when you really connect with a solid golf shot? How you don't even feel the contact with the ball? You will quickly learn how to eliminate those ugly and frustrating shots that make you want to throw the clubs in the lake.

  • That you can easily break into the 90's or even break 90 consistently.  This program is designed for golfers who are stuck and want to drop those 7-10 shots or more that will allow you to to shoot the lower scores you have been waiting for.

  • How much money you can save without those expensive lessons. This will be the last golf instruction book or program that you ever ever need to buy.

  • The one thing that you need to be putting accurately and confidently right away.  Your partners in the next scramble tournament will want you to take the key putt to get the birdie every time.

  • To play with confidence.  Now you won't be nervous when the group behind you catches up with you on the tee box.  You'll be glad to tee off in front of them because you KNOW you're going to nail it down the center.

  • The simplest way to start your downswing without all the confusing "big muscle" theories and discussions of triangles and angles.  Golf doesn't have to be hard when you use my methods.

  • The quick little practice routine without your golf clubs that can really improve your tempo. We all know we should swing easy but fight that battle every round of golf.  Now you can quit fighting and enjoy the smooth, silky tempo that good golf shots are born from.

  • How to avoid the one critical mistake that almost all golfers make with their short irons. You will cut strokes on Day 1 with this surprising step.

  • My golden rule to scoring well on those days when you game has completely deserted you.  You'll no longer feel like just heading back to the clubhouse in the middle of a round.

  • My simple method for eliminating 3 and 4 putts easily and effectively. Imagine if you drop 10 wasted putts per round!

  • The startling secret to overcoming the biggest  stumbling block  amateurs have to getting "up and down" consistently in your short game.  What causes those brain cramps around the green and how you can get rid of them.

  • How to easily and effectively conquer the #1 problem that typically holds most amateur golfers back from cutting strokes off your golf game.

  • A startling, but simple secret to distance control in putting.  Avoid those 10-15 feet "come back" putts because you rolled it way past the cup.


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      I know at this point you may still be skeptical.  There are so many programs and books out there and you probably have bought some of them. So that is why I am going to offer you the most unique guarantee in the market one else in the industry offers this.

    I am so confident that my program will work for you that I'm going to let you use it for a full six months and I've decided to take all the risk.  

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    A full 180 days  to try my program. And, you can keep all the valuable bonuses just for giving it a try. I believe that strongly in my program.  I've seen the results personally and for hundreds of golfers who have used my program.  So let me take the risk and you take the lower golf scores.



You can continue to go with the crowd.... to the practice range. Or you can break away.... to lower scores like these golfers did...


Easy For The Average Golfer To Understand And Use

I have read many golf books and taken golf lessons.  This is by far the best that I have ever seen that makes it simple and easy for the average golfer to understand and use!

It's as simple as that.  Thanks Golf Nut

But your book has done more for my golf game in two weeks than all the lessons I've taken put together!

Stephen Stuart


ANY Golfer Will Get Big Benefits From Using This Program. 

The Golf Nut's program and drills are the most effective I have ever seen. They are easy for any golfer to understand and to use.  I am seeing big results in my golf game.

ANY golfer will get big benefits from using this program.  Thanks so much!"

Derek Matttinen



I Have Gotten Rid Of My Hated Slice! 

Having played golf for more than 7 years It seemed like I was stuck and just couldn’t go anywhere. I had been working hard for 3 years to really lower my scores and only ended up frustrated.

But your books helped me start cutting strokes immediately.  I dropped 5 strokes in my next two rounds after just one session.  And I have gotten rid of my “hated” slice!  Your program is worth 10 times what you charge

Dustin Sells



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OK, how much is it anyway?

Would You Believe
Only $27!

Yes I know; I could sell this for a lot more. But I am offering a solution to your burning frustration for this unbelievable price for 3 simple reasons.

1.  I know that you are skeptical. You probably own a number of books and training gimmicks and wonder why should you buy even one more? So to make it a no brainer for you, I decided to charge less than it costs to go to the movies one time. That way I know that you will discover a program that really works and be able to get the magic that the golfers above have discovered...and cut 10 strokes or more off your score.

2.  I just don't see the need to charge more. Haven't you wondered why the books on the internet cost so much more than those you can buy at Books A Million?  Our books are downloadable products so I'm not going to charge $67, $87, or $97 just because everyone else does.

3. I am confident that my book will work for you.  Yes, I am definitely running a business and I do want to make a profit. But  I know that when my program works for you, you will tell others. So I believe that $27 is a win for you and a win for me.  Simple as that!



The Golf Nut guarantees that you will cut a minimum of 10 strokes off your game in two weeks or less. And he backs it up with this incredible guarantee!


Don't forget my one of a kind guarantee.  No other product in the marketplace offers this!

I am so confident that my program will work for you that I'm going to let you use it for 6 months and I've decided to take all the risk.  

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If, for any reason, during the first 180 days, you are not completely satisfied send me an email to or give me a call at 888 462 0816 ext 3, and I will immediately refund your full purchase price 

And don't forget, you also get to keep all the bonuses! But I don't believe that you will return it. Because I know that my program works and so do the golfers who have applied my techniques, they have seen the program work and seen the results!

I believe in my program enough to offer you this unique guarantee that no other golf product on the market today can match.

David Stargel
The Golf Nut

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