A great golf drill for developing a smooth tempo in your golf swing.

Recently I polled our newsletter list for the things that they most wanted to correct about their golf swing. One of the top three answers was developing a smoother, slower tempo. So even though I wrote about this not too long ago, I am going to talk about tempo again and I have another drill to help you in this process.

Tempo is so important to playing good golf. And to me as an amateur who has the philosophy of not completely re-engineering my golf swing, it is critical. But it always seems to be something that I struggle to maintain.
The mechanics of the golf swing are so tough to master. That is one of the reasons that I gave up trying to develop the perfect swing a while back. But with whatever golf swing you have, the faster and harder you swing, for most of us, the more things that can go wrong.
Getting the club face square at impact and on the right swing path, is just easier when we swing smoother and slower. But that is so hard to do! It seems that no matter how slowly I start out swinging the golf clubs during a round, at some point I start speeding up. That is one of the reasons that I keep a Momentus weighted club in my bag at all times. It helps me to slow down and swing smoothly when I have started to speed up during a round of golf.
But to the real reason for this post, a simple little drill for developing a smoother tempo. You want to take 3-4 golf balls and put them in a straight line moving away from you. In other words, put the first golf ball at the normal address position for you. The put the second ball about 3-4 inches from the first in a straight line away from you and perpendicular to where you are aiming to hit.
Then the third ball 3-4 inches away from the second along the same line and so on. When you have them all on the ground, the golf balls should be in a straight line moving away from you.
You want to hit the first ball using a very slow, smooth quarter swing. Don’t bring the golf club even up to parallel with the ground. Let your follow through go about the same distance after you make contact with the golf ball. Concentrate on slow and easy.
Then step up to the second ball and swing but this time bring your back swing back to where the golf club is parallel with the ground. Don’t rush to hit this second shot. Follow through the same amount after contact. Again concentrate on slow and easy. In both of these first two steps you have to really focus on slow and smooth to keep from over swinging past these points that I have described.
For the third ball, take your back swing to where your left are is parallel with the ground and then allow your follow through to go to the same point.
Now on the last golf ball, take a full swing, but really concentrate on swinging the golf club at the same slow smooth pace that you did with the first three shots. Go through this process 3-4 times and you should see that your tempo is slower and smoother on the full swings by the end of the drill.
You will have to practice this a little before it will translate to the course, but you might want to try incorporating these little partial swings into your pre-shot routine.
Tempo is so important. That is why many of my golf tips focus around having a smooth, slow tempo.

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