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The Golf Police….They Really Bug Me

Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be noticing a lot more people pushing really fast pace of play in golf lately. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like slow play on a golf course any more than the next guy, but it is starting to border on ridiculous. Let me give you [...]

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What Other Golf Nuts Think About Major Golf Course Set Up

During the recent US Open, I discussed how I thought it was enjoyable for the average golfer to watch the pros struggle against the difficulty of Pebble Beach and the way that the USGA had the course set up.  Now I am not saying that it’s fun to watch people struggle.  But I am saying [...]

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Real Fun For An Amateur Golfer

As I watch the US Open golf tournament, I am reminded that golf can be a humbling game, even for the best golfers in the world.  And I’ve talked to a fair number of amateur golfers this week who have all agreed on one key point about the US Open:  They all really enjoy watching [...]

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Can Mickelson Take The #1 Spot In Golf?

After he won the Masters in April, I had a lot more respect for Phil Mickelson.  He seemed to be continuing on a great path as a golfer and seemed ready to take a bigger spot in the world of golf, especially with Tiger on the sidelines.  Now he has missed the cut at Colonial [...]

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Ridiculous Difficult Golf Courses

I saw a recent article on espn.com called “The Most Diabolical Links In The Country“.  It reminded me of some of the crazy courses I have played over my golfing years.  And there was one in particular that really stands out. 

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How’s This For The Ultimate Golf Trip?

Most golfers I know take a golf trip from time to time.  Some take one every year.  It’s usually a group of the same guys, maybe college buddies getting together once a year or your regular foursome that goes to a different location once each summer.  But I read recently in Golf Digest about the [...]

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How Does Golf Compare To Other Sports For Pressure?

When you first saw this title you probably thought, Well every sport has pressure, golf is not different.  But maybe it is.  I was reading an article recently and it started me to thinking about pressure and the different aspects of it.  Especially as it relatets to golfers.

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Thank You For Your Feedback Golf Nuts!

The results of the recent poll that we asked you golfers to answer and give us feedback about our content are complete and in.  And first I want to thank all the golfers who participated.   It was tremendous to hear from all of you on what you want us to write about here.  So let’s [...]

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What Would You Golfers Prefer To Hear More About?

One of the reasons that I’ve been a little slow in posting the last couple of weeks is the huge influx of golf  questions from all of our visitors and readers.  I really appreciate all of the visitors to our golf site and the great questions that they submit.  And it got me thinking about [...]

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Some Of The Things I Love About Golf

I played a round of golf recently that just reinforced some things that I really love about the game as well as make the game fun.  I played in a foursome with a good friend of mine and we were paired with a couple of guys by the starter to round out our group. Let [...]

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Pre-owned Golf Balls Or Not?

Well golfers, I thought I’d talk about saving money at golf.  Something that many golfers don’t worry about as they chase that elusive “better golf swing”.  But one of the things that drives me crazy is the prices on golf balls.

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See Your Favorite Pro Golfer In Slow Motion

Are you always wishing that you had a swing like Tiger or Ernie? Well as amateur golfers, I think that we should probably forget about that. But we can learn from watching the pros. And here is an opportunity for you to watch your favorite pro golfer in slow motion and see what he/she does [...]

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Where has The Golf Nut been?

Hello Golf Nuts! I’ve been getting emails and questions on the site about this lately. Thank you to all of you golfers out there who follow our site and our newsletter closely. I’ve been on a small sabbatical (I like that word, but it just means I’ve been out doing some other things.) So I [...]

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The Golf Nut’s Next Golf Survey

As golfers in North America are starting to think about getting ready for the opening of golf season, I wanted to put our second survey out there to gather some information that may be useful to all of our readers and visitors. So join in on our survey and we will publish the answers and [...]

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Golf: Why I Love This Game!

I am sitting here in Georgia with the temperature at 27 degrees. No golf going on today for sure. But this is unusually cold and it won’t last long, thank goodness! But as I was looking at the frost on the ground this morning, for some reason I started thinking about why I love this [...]

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Golf Ball Survey Results Are In

Well, we had a tremendous response to our survey that wanted to know what is YOUR favorite golf ball. And the results are in and there was a clear cut winner who outdistanced the field. I’ll let you know the winner and who gave a good run as well. We plan on having a survey [...]

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Golfers take heart, we all struggle with the game of golf.

Hey all you golf nuts out there. Have you been frustrated with your golf swing? We all have. I want to give you a little bit of encouraging information during this winter time golf slow down here in the US. For you golf nuts in the Southern Hemishphere, you can put this to work right [...]

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Golf Nut Has Been On Vacation

Hello all you golf nuts out there. You have probably noticed that I haven’t published anything in a few days. Well I just returned refreshed and rested from a short vacation.

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A great golf aid: Step down golf tees

A friend of mine recently gave me some new golf tees. They were different from anything that I had used before. They were called “step down” golf tees, so I decided to give them a try. Let me tell you a little about them, because they are pretty neat little golf tool.

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An Incredible Golf Shot

I really don’t want to say too much about this one. Just watch the video and enjoy. What a golf shot! What’s the old saying, “I’d rather be lucky than good”? I’d rather be lucky AND good like this one.

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Golf Nuts: A shameless plug for our newsletter

Thank you to all the golfers out there who visit our site on a regular basis. And we have been getting questions about where our newsletter has been. Why haven’t we sent it out this year? But first, if you haven’t already subscribed, I wanted to mention the link over on the right over there. [...]

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Is the new golf technology really a help?

A friend of mine who is another nut about golf and I were talking the other day about a bunch of different things and the topic of these GPS systems on golf carts came up. He had recently played a resort course and it was his first time using a GPS on a cart. Here [...]

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Where has The Golf Nut been?

To all my readers and visitors, I would like to apologize for my absence the last month. Between some travel and the holiday season, The Golf Nut has been absent and we haven’t updated this blog. But I’m back and my travels have given me some great material for some golf articles. And I also [...]

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The Golf Nut has been on vacation

Sorry folks, even The Golf Nut needs to get away for R&R. I know that you have probably wondered where I was at and why your golf questions weren’t getting answered.

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Where did this golf tradition start?

Golf Nut, where did the tradition of buying a round of drinks for other golfers when you make a hole in one originate. It seems that it would be the other way around. I’ve been playing golf for a few years now and find this interesting.

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