Want To Improve Your Golf Scores? Track Some Statistics—Part One

Most of you golfers who have followed me for a while know that I am not big on practicing tons and tons.  But I do believe that we all have parts of our golf game we can improve.  But how will you know if you don’t look at your game?  The simplest and quickest way to figure out your areas for improvement is to track some simple stats as you play.Here are the things that I tend to look at in my own golf game.  These may not be right for you but from from this post you can figure out how to track the most effective stats for you own game.  One thing worth mentioning.  I track a few of the stats like you will see the pro golfers track, but most of what I look at are not the traditional golf metrics.   I look at what can help my game and I feel that a number of these will help most mid to high handicappers.

First, a traditional metric.  I do write down how many putts I have per round.  Three putts will blow your scores up and four putts will kill you.  It will not only tell you if you need to use a few putting drills (particularly some lag putting drills) but may also clue you in on other short game needs.  I write down the number of putts for each hole not just total for the round either.  This gives me some read on whether certain types of holes (say par 5′s vs par 3′s) may be giving me more trouble.  For example, if I am gambling too much going for par 5′s in two and getting myself into difficult short game situations, then that can cause challenges in my putting game.

I also track how many times I am in trouble off the tee box.  I find that while most of us golfers realize that we are having some troubles with our driver from time to time, we allow ourselves to keep struggling with it, even during the same round.  I make a certain symbol by each hole’s score to indicate that I had trouble from the tee box.  If I get seven to eight holes in and I have had trouble with the drive at least half of the time, I put it back in my golf bag and bring out the three wood.

Another stat that I will look at is off the green chips.  I write this down by hole and look for trends where I am starting to have two chips from off the green too often.   Then I know I may need to do a little work.  Here is a great drill from my eBook that can really help:  http://www.the-golf-nut.com/help_with_chipping_consistency.html

That’s all for now, but look for Part Two to this in a few days.  Thanks for reading Golf Nuts.

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