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Tracking Stats To Help Your Golf Game, Part II

Ok golfers, now for Part II of the statistics that I use to help my golf game.  As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject,  what I track may not be right for you.  But most important is to figure out what will help YOUR golf game the most and then track it.

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Want To Improve Your Golf Scores? Track Some Statistics—Part One

Most of you golfers who have followed me for a while know that I am not big on practicing tons and tons.  But I do believe that we all have parts of our golf game we can improve.  But how will you know if you don’t look at your game?  The simplest and quickest way [...]

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The Lost Art Of Lag Putting In Golf

Watching the U.S. Open recently and now the British Open got me thinking about a couple of recent rounds of golf I had played.  During these rounds with my regular foursome, I started noticing where we were losing strokes around the green.  And a big one was leaving approach putts way too short or going [...]

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Golf Tip For Helping Your Slice

Probably one of the most requested golf tips I am asked about is on fixing a slice in the golf swing.  Just this past two weeks, I’ve had 6 emails about this problem.  And the timing is good for these questions because I just had someone show me a drill that is a variation on [...]

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Mental Golf-The Toughest Game

I have written and talked about the mental side of the game many times.  In fact, one of the books in my golf program is focused on this topic.  But it never fails that I still get tons of questions about struggles with the golf game that relate directly to the mental side of the [...]

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The Key To Golf Is To Relax

I played just recently with an old friend who had a career round of golf when we played.  The thing that amazed him the most was that he has not played much this year.   He couldn’t believe after a layoff that he hit the golf ball so well.  But those of us who have played [...]

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Alignment-A Big Help To Your Golf Swing

I got a question recently from a reader that reminded me of a very basic concept that is so critical to a solid golf swing.  I’m talking about alignment.  After the question that I got, I was playing with a group and I started noticing that on many shots, all of us did not get [...]

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A Golf Practice Routine

I have received a number of emails about golf practice.  If you have read much here on my blog or read any of my golf program books, you know that I switched from a practice maniac routine to a “less is more” mindset about practice.  So here is one approach that I use for practice, [...]

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Mental Golf Tip: Trust Your Swing

For a long time, I wondered what the phrase “Trust your swing” really meant.  I heard teaching golf pros say it.  I heard some of my golf buddies say it.  I heard the commentators on TV say it.  But what did it really mean?  Well, once I figured it out, it really helped my swing.

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Your Approach Shots Are Key To Your Golf Score

Even for us amateur golfers, how we approach our shots to the green are very important to how well we score.  I remember a story that I heard supposedly about Ben Hogan and a conversation that he had with an amateur that he was playing with one time.  Now it may or may not have [...]

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Playing Par 5′s For The Amateur Golfer

For those of us that aren’t scratch golfers, and in particular for the high handicappers, the Par 5′s on any given golf course can be a scoring opportunity or a trap.  If we play these four golf holes per round smartly, we can definitely have a positive impact on our scores.

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Golf Tips For The Long Irons

I got a couple of questions recently from golfers who have difficulty hitting their long irons.  And I can definitely relate to that.  So I am very interested in hearing from you mid to high handicappers out there on what you do about your long irons.  Please email me at   And in the meantime [...]

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Struggling To Make Solid Contact With The Golf Ball

Dear Golf Nut.  I am having a problem making consistent solid contact with the golf ball.  I’ve had a couple of friends look at my swing and they don’t see anything that they can point to as to why I am having this problem.  Any thoughts on what may be causing this?

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Questions On A Slice In Your Golf Swing

I probably get more questions on the slice than any other question.  In fact, I get almost as many questions about the slice as all the other golf swing problems combined.  So even though I’ve answered this before, I’m going to revisit this golf tip to make sure everyone gets a chance for some help.

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Staying Focused During A Round Of Golf

Dear Golf Nut.  Can you help me with a part of my mental game.  Lots of times I will start off a round doing really well and then at some point I seem to start falling apart. And then it seems that the harder I try, the worse I play. Any golf tips on how [...]

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Golf Tip For Hitting Into A Tight Fairway

Golf Nut, I always seem to struggle with tight fairways.  I can be having a great round of golf and come to a tee box with a tight fairway in front of me and it’s almost like I should just drive the cart and put my golf ball in the rough or the woods.  Any [...]

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Struggling With Short Wedge Shots In My Golf Game

Golf Nut,   I am a relative beginner at golf.  I shoot between 105 and 113 or so.  But I love the game and am working to get better.  One thing that I am really struggling with is my chips around the green.  I can’t seem to get these short shorts with my pitching or sand [...]

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Hitting More Greens, Golfers Let’s Look At The Numbers

I recently saw some numbers about the greens in regulation (GIR) statistics for the pro golfers on the Tour.  The average pro hits twelve green in regulations.  Wow, don’t we wish we could do that? Now I don’t expect us amateur golfers to compete with the pros, but how can you hit more greens?  Read [...]

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Manufacturing A Draw Or A Fade In Your Golf Swing

I have been asked a number of times from our golf visitors and newsletter subscribers how to control hitting a draw or a fade when it is needed for a particular shot on the golf course. I have hesitated to talk about this because, in my opinion, it is a difficult thing to do for [...]

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Golf Swing Has Totally Fallen Apart

Dear Golf Nut, please help me. My golf swing seems to have completely fallen apart! In my last three rounds of golf, I can’t hit anything consistently except my putter. Nothing seems to work. Do you have any good golf drills for me to try?

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Putting Tip From A Great Golf Caddy

I was reminded today of a great tip that I got from a caddy about twelve years ago. It’s geared towards the struggle that I believe most golfers have at some point. Missing those short putts between 3 feet and 5 feet out. And I’m not talking about the yips. Just when you keep missing [...]

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Golf Poll: Practice Question Results Are In

We recently asked a poll question about your golf practice thoughts. The question was “If you could only work on one thing in your golf swing practice, what would it be?” And the results from a large number of golfers are in and I will also share my thoughts on them.

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What Part Of Your Golf Game To Work On?

Short game, driver, focus on putting, improve my chipping? I get lots of questions from visitors and subscribers to our newsletter about where they should focus to improve their golf game. I will be doing an article on this shortly, but I wanted to get feedback from all of you other golf nuts out there [...]

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It All Starts With Your Golf Grip

Smooth, easy tempo is so key to a good golf swing. And you have to use the big muscles to execute the golf swing. Those two things together make a good grip one of the main foundations of a good swing for all of us amateur golfers. Read on to see what I mean.

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Help With That Golf Slice

This is possibly the most asked question related to the full golf swing. From my experience, significantly more amateur golfers struggle with a slice than a draw or hook. And many times it comes from a couple of basic problems. And they are fairly easy to correct

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