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How’s This For The Ultimate Golf Trip?

Most golfers I know take a golf trip from time to time.  Some take one every year.  It’s usually a group of the same guys, maybe college buddies getting together once a year or your regular foursome that goes to a different location once each summer.  But I read recently in Golf Digest about the [...]

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Florida golf this time of year

I always get a few questions this time of year about playing golf in Florida. As temperatures and the snow drops up north, golfers dream of sunshine and green fairways in the sunny south. Here are a few suggestions for some interesting and fun golf in Florida if you are heading that way.

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Long course on Robert Trent Jones golf trail

If any of you have not had the pleasure of playing any of the golf courses on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama, you are missing a treat. Great golf and championship caliber courses for close to public course green fees. Now get your golf clubs ready, especially the woods, because I just [...]

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Free Golf for all you Golf Nuts

Pack your golf clubs, warm up your golf swing, and get ready for an awesome golf tip. Would you like some free golf? Get ready.

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Can you recommend a golf resort?

Golf Nut, some buddies and I are packing up our golf clubs and going for 4 day golf trip We are looking for a great golf location and resort. We will probably be heading out in April-May. Do you have any “golf tips” on awesome golf resorts?

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Which golf school should I attend?

I am thinking about going to a golf school, maybe a full week. What would you recommend for a mid handicap golfer (15 handicap)?

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Can you afford a round of golf at St Andrews?

Golf Nut, I heard recently that a round of golf at the Old Course at St. Andrews can cost as much as $1,800. Is this true or is there a way to play this great golf course for an affordable price?

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Any ideas for planning a golf trip?

My golfing group wants to take a golf trip. We are considering something about 5-7 days in length playing golf on a number of different courses. We don’t have thousands to go to Ireland or Scotland like some golfers I know. Do you have any suggestions on great golf locales that won’t break the bank?

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