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Ryder Cup Collapse, Who’s To Blame?

Well the blame fixing game has started.  And we will be hearing and reading about it for a while.  There will be all kinds of theories about who is to blame for the monumental collapse on Sunday.  But, as much as I like him, I place in the shoulders of the Captain,  Davis Love.  There [...]

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The US Open Championship–Which Golfers Do You Like?

So golfers looking for Part II of tracking your golf stats, stay tuned.  My next post will finish that article.  But for now I wanted to touch base on the US Open starting tomorrow.  A lot of speculation on who will contend for this year’s second major.  And of course all the golf media is [...]

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Golfers, I’m Convinced The PGA Has Lost Their Mind

In looking at the new qualifying rules for the PGA Tour, I know that many say change is inevitable, but I really hate this change.  If you haven’t heard or read it yet, how you qualify for your PGA card is changing pretty significantly.  No more Q School to the big tour.  Which, by the [...]

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Is The Current Parity in Pro Golf A Good Thing?

I really enjoyed the final round of this past week’s Masters Tournament.  And I think that Bubba Watson is a great champion.  One of the interesting points that came out during the broadcast gave me pause.  The commentators noted that the last 14 Major Tournaments were won by 14 different golfers.  And the last 8 [...]

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Is Rory The Best Thing To Happen To Golf Lately? And Maybe To Tiger Too?

Watching the US Open this weekend, I find myself pulling for Rory McIlroy to win my country’s National Championship even though he isn’t an American.  What he is, in my opinion anyway, is one of the most amazing 22 year old golfers I believe I have ever seen.  Of course, he has to hold it [...]

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Is Tiger’s Golf Career Shot?

With Tiger’s recent withdrawal from the TPC, many question what it means for Tiger, both short term and long term. Where exactly is his career going? Will he now be able to catch and pass Jack in the major title hunt. Is his domination of the game really over at this point? What a difference [...]

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2010: The Golf Year In The Rearview Mirror

As we wind down the golf year, I am sitting and thinking about what I took away from this year in golf.  It certainly was different than any golf season I can think of in recent times.  And it really started about this time (well really tomorrow, or late tonight) last year.  So here are [...]

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Hate To Say It, But I Don’t Think The American Golfers Will Win This Year’s Ryder Cup

I am as loyal as the next golfer.  And I would love to see the Americans win this year’s Ryder Cup.  We haven’t won back to back Ryder Cups since 1991 and 1993. But after seeing what happened today, the odds are really stacked against them.  And history doesn’t give them much chance either.

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Should Tiger Have Made The Ryder Cup Team?

Ok, I may be in major disagreement with the rest of the golf world, but I really don’t think that Tiger should have been a captain’s pick.  Now Corey Pavin is the captain and he can do what he wants, but I think it was nothing but catering to Tiger because of the fear of [...]

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Why Do We Cheat At Golf?

The recent post I made about the rules of golf got me to thinking about how golfers bend the rules.  Then I saw a small article in Golf Magazine about this as well.  So it really made me think about why golfers will cheat at golf.

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What Other Golf Nuts Think About Major Golf Course Set Up

During the recent US Open, I discussed how I thought it was enjoyable for the average golfer to watch the pros struggle against the difficulty of Pebble Beach and the way that the USGA had the course set up.  Now I am not saying that it’s fun to watch people struggle.  But I am saying [...]

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Real Fun For An Amateur Golfer

As I watch the US Open golf tournament, I am reminded that golf can be a humbling game, even for the best golfers in the world.  And I’ve talked to a fair number of amateur golfers this week who have all agreed on one key point about the US Open:  They all really enjoy watching [...]

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Goodbye To A Great Coach

Today’s article has nothing whatsoever to do with golf.  I am going to ask all of you golf nuts out there to bear with me.  But I the passing of a legend yesterday just got me to thinking.  And I just had to write about John Wooden.

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Can Mickelson Take The #1 Spot In Golf?

After he won the Masters in April, I had a lot more respect for Phil Mickelson.  He seemed to be continuing on a great path as a golfer and seemed ready to take a bigger spot in the world of golf, especially with Tiger on the sidelines.  Now he has missed the cut at Colonial [...]

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Wow! This Is Major Golf As It Should Be.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am watching The Masters third round on TV.  Got my yard work in, a little chipping and putting time in and then came in to see who was going to make their move today.  And there are moves all over.  What a Saturday round in Augusta!

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“This Kid Golfer Can’t Miss” Says Sports Illustrated

I just read about this young golfer out of the University of Oregon who is playing the tour this year after earning his card.  So far, in 2010, he is six for six in cuts made and looks like he is a sure thing to make it full time on the pro golf circuit. Alex [...]

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The Golf Nut’s Thoughts On Tiger Woods

Hello Golf Nut’s. I have held off writing anything for a while after Tiger’s press conference.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time writing about Tiger this year.  But I did want to get my thoughts out there one time. So here goes.

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From The Golf Nut: 5 Things I’d Like To See In 2010

As we end 2009 and look forward to the 2010 golf season, I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on some things that I hope to see this coming year.

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I’m Not Going To Write About Tiger aka Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?

I am serious, I am not going to write about this Tiger Woods situation.  But the situation got me to thinking about role models and our sports “heroes”.   A group was discussing this situation that I am not going to write about and during the conversation someone made a comment to the effect “Where have [...]

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Tiger Just Keeps On Rolling Through The Golf Record Books

So we all know how great a golfer Tiger is.  That is unquestioned.  Some might debate is he the greatest golfer of all time…at this point anyway.  But I was still blown away by his dominance that was demonstrated by some recent numbers that I saw written in a recent golf article.

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Has The PGA Fixed The FedEx Cup And Do Golfers Care?

Heading towards the Tour Championship, 5 players are in contention and actually have a legitimate chance to win the Cup with a victory at The Tour Championship.  So unlike last years’ embarrassing runaway, the 2009 version of this playoff actually has a little excitement.  So has Tim Finchem and his crew finally figured it out [...]

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What’s Up With Tiger?

Tomorrow is the first round of the PGA Championship, the fourth and final major of this PGA golf season.  Tiger enters this tournament with some interesting stats.  First, he hasn’t won a major since his return from last golf seasons knee surgery.  And he enters his fourth major of the year coming off a win; [...]

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Have The Idiots Taken Over On The Golf Tour?

What a shambles this past Sunday’s round ended up with the events that transpired on the 16th hole.  I mean where is common sense at in a situation like that?  If you for some reason you were under a roc and didn’t see or hear about it, an official put Padraig and Tiger on the [...]

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Watson One Putt Short Of Making Golf History.

As I watched the finish of the British Open this afternoon, it was one of those competitions that happen once in a while where I personally didn’t want either golfer to lose.  You had Stewart Cink fighting to get close enough to win his first major.  And you had Tom Watson shooting to make history [...]

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Is Tiger The Most Undervalued Golfer On The PGA Tour?

I was listening to ESPN talk radio yesterday and heard one of the talking heads bring up this subject.  I thought “Wait a minute, are you crazy?”.  But then I listened some more and realized what he was asking.  He wasn’t saying Tiger was underrated;  he was really asking this question  “Can the #1 player [...]

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