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Golf Nut, I have trouble with chipping consistently around the green. My full golf swing is decent and I putt relatively well. But one time I may chip it very close and one putt and the next I might pop up a chip and leave it 20 feet short. It’s almost like I don’t have any feel around the green. Can you help?

A chipping tip that I read several years ago I still use today. And it really helps with consistency. The idea is to use several different golf clubs for controlling your distance and then always use the exact same golf swing for your chip shots.
So, what you may want to consider is using anything from a 7 iron down to the pitching wedge for chipping. Practice on getting a short compact chipping swing that is consistent in terms of how far you take the golf club back and how far you come through the shot after contact with the golf ball.
Then you can use the club to control distance. If you take these golf clubs (7, 8, 9, and PW) out to your practice range and try this I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. Go to the chipping practice green and throw out 8-10 practice balls. Chip a couple with the 7, then a couple with the 8 and so on. Work on using the exact same motion and speed with each swing.
What you should start to see is that the 7 iron chip rolls fairly consistently a certain distance, the 8 iron a little shorter, the 9 iron a little shorter, and so on. If you practice this several times and then try it on the course you will see a much better consistency in your play around the greens.

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  1. Thanks for this terrific tip! My husband is just starting to golf and was talking just the other day about the difficulty he was having mastering certain aspects of the game. He likes to play a game of golf then light a cigar with his “golf” engraved zippo lighter and enjoy the rest of his day. I am going to send him this way to be sure he takes advantage of these valuable tips!

  2. Hey Golf Nut, thanks for sending me over to this chipping tip. I’m busying developing my beta site:; so my short game really stinks. I like the idea of one distance back and thru with different clubs. I use different clubs but with different stroke lengths-I think this is my problem. A compact single length stroke should work much better.

  3. ive been playin for years and i have the same exact prlobem, however instead of trying to fix it I use it to my advantage. Play the hook the right way and it could work just as well.Aim the ball slightly more to the left when you hit, at first it will feel unnatural but once you see how your ball moves it will make sense. Plus on doglegs right you will have a natural curve that will really help.I play my hook well but when I want to hit straight I drive with a 4 iron instead of a driver. You get less distance but you get the desired accuracy. I play every week and my average is around 79. You cant argue with results

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