Is The Current Parity in Pro Golf A Good Thing?

I really enjoyed the final round of this past week’s Masters Tournament.  And I think that Bubba Watson is a great champion.  One of the interesting points that came out during the broadcast gave me pause.  The commentators noted that the last 14 Major Tournaments were won by 14 different golfers.  And the last 8 and 11 of the last 14 champions were first time major winners.  There has definitely been a major change on the PGA tour the last few years.  Does this parity that is on the golf tour help or hurt the game?

For me, I believe that it’s a good thing.  A lot of golfers and golf fans that I talked to in recent years were getting a little worn out with the “Tiger” domination.  And this is not anti Tiger talk.  It’s just that I and others are getting tired of the obsession by the media.  While Tiger was definitely dominating the pro golf tour, it got to the point where top stories were being written even about Tiger’s losses, not about who won.  I think the golf world was ready for a change.

What I’ve seen in the last couple of years is interest in golf spreading out even farther than it already was.  The “young guns” on the tour are, I believe, creating interest in the sport from additional audiences.  Tiger did that when he first burst on the scene and it was good for the game.  And the new golfers that have bubbled to the top have had a similar impact.  And that’s good for the game as well.

And one of the fun things about pro golf (on the men’s tour anyway) is that you never know these days who may jump out there and win the golf tournament.  And that’s fun to me.  And I have watched more golf tournaments the last few years to see who was going to win.  The fourth rounds just held more interest for me than before.

So parity good for golf?  Yes I definitely think so.  But what do you golf nuts out there think?  Let me hear from you!


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