Golfer On A Mission

If you want a great story that is motivational not only for golfers, but for everyone, then you need to read about Phil Bundy. Phil is a golfer who is on “A Quest To Play On The PGA Tour”, as he calls it, but I call it a fantastic story and I just had to write about it. I mean think about it, what golfer hasn’t dreamed about playing on the Tour? Or finally getting their game ready by the time they are 50 to play the Senior Golf Tour?

Phil already had what many would consider a great golf career. A junior golf champion who went on to become a member of the 1986 NCAA Championship Team at Wake Forest. Playing on that team with current PGA professionals Billy Andrade and Len Mattiace.
But after college, Phil’s golfing life took a different direction. After the death of his father, Phil focused on business instead of playing and built a successful golf related career off the course. Then came his 40th birthday and a very interesting episode on the golf course.
I spoke to Phil the other day and you could hear both the commitment and the sincerity in his voice as he related the story of how his son Charlie inspired him to take on this quest. He spoke about how as Charlie ran across the fairway towards him that day with pure unbridled joy on his face, Phil wondered what he would say if Charlie asked him why he never tried to make it on the tour. And at that moment Phil knew he had to pursue that sleeping dream. And along the way inspire his son Charlie to always pursue his dreams.
So this year, at age 43, Phil has put the pieces in place to pursue his dream after almost 20 years away from competitive golf. You can read about Phil and support him in his quest. I encourage all golfers AND non golfers to do so. His web site is at: It’s not only a great story, but Phil is a great person as well.

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