Thank you for visiting our site. We designed this site for all of you golf nuts out there who are just like us. You love the game and are always looking for a way to improve your game or to get an edge. You also love reading about what is happening in the game today.

I am not a golf pro and never have been. I am an amateur golfer just like you. But I started our site and our newsletter based on the frustration that I felt over and over again trying to develop the perfect golf swing with hours and hours of practice hitting buckets and buckets and buckets of golf balls. And after taking lessons, I determined that all the technical “stuff” the teaching pros talk about just confused me and made it worse.

I finally realized that not everyone will be able to develop the perfect mechanics that the golf swing can require to execute it like the golf pros do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t score well and enjoy the game. And so this site and my efforts are dedicated to all you golf nuts out there who are looking for help for a way to cut some strokes from your game, or to just enjoy the game a little more. My tips and techniques are unconventional sometimes, but give ‘em a try and see if they don’t help!

David Stargel
The Golf Nut