Tracking Stats To Help Your Golf Game, Part II

Ok golfers, now for Part II of the statistics that I use to help my golf game.  As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject,  what I track may not be right for you.  But most important is to figure out what will help YOUR golf game the most and then track it.

Now I’m going to share a couple of additional statistics to track that you may find of help.

The first one I used a lot early in my golfing days before I got my handicap down.  But it’s great for someone who consistently shots in the high 90′s or higher and wants to get down closer to 90 on a consistent basis.  This statistic is greens in regulation plus one.  In other words, how many times I reached the greens not in regulation, but in regulation plus one shot.  This was based on a thought process I learned which was how tough it is for a high handicapper to actually shoot par.  But many find themselves trying for par on each hole.  But if you look at it a different way, you can get your scores down.

Think of bogey as par.  If you add it up, 72 + one over par for eighteen holes is 90.  Bogey is your new target.  You will be surprised how much it will help you to relax and shoot better.  And the above statistic helps you track how often you are getting closer to shooting bogey on a regular basis.

The second stat that I still use helps to figure out where you need to work on your short game or your game off the golf tee.  I track total drives that stay out of trouble plus total putts.  One of the things that I struggle with even to this day is getting into trouble off the tee box.  If you look at these numbers, you’ll understand why I track it.  Par is typically 72.  There are 14 tee shots that aren’t par 3′s.  Add to that 36 (18 x 2) for the number of putts you would love to shoot on each hole and you have 50.  So 50 shots out of a par score of 72 come from tee shots and putts.  Makes you stop and think about coming off the tee and avoiding trouble doesn’t it.

Well, I hope that both of these articles on tracking statistics have helped you.  If you have any that you track, write me with them so I can share with the other Golf Nuts out there.  Thanks as always for reading.

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