Ryder Cup Collapse, Who’s To Blame?

Well the blame fixing game has started.  And we will be hearing and reading about it for a while.  There will be all kinds of theories about who is to blame for the monumental collapse on Sunday.  But, as much as I like him, I place in the shoulders of the Captain,  Davis Love.  There is plenty of blame to go around, but here is why I think we have to look at the Captain…..

The first issue was his captains picks.  I was a little surprised that he passed on some of the younger golfers who were very hot and, instead, went with Furyk and Stricker for two of his Captain’s picks. And if you look at the results,  other than Dustin Johnson, the remaining three picks were a combined 2-8-1. Furyk was 1-2 and Stricker was 0-4.

The next issue had to do with making sure everyone was fresh by resting Mickelson and Bradley Saturday afternoon.  At first this made sense to me and probably to a lot of other golf fans.  Until I read that since 1979, Europeans playing all five matches have gone a combined 21-29-9 and Americans doing the same have gone 17-11-7.   And I thought all the pros were students of the game.  Apparently, not Mr Love.

If you look at just these two decisions, to me anyway, it seems to spell LOSS.  So, my apologies to all of you Davis Love fans out there, I am a big fan myself.  But I don’t always say a coach or a captain is the reason for losing, but in this case…..well I’m just saying.

So, on a Sunday where it looked like the Americans couldn’t blow a lead, they did.  And credit the Europeans, they played out of their minds.  But if the Americans had just played average, getting 4 1/2 points out of 12 matches, it’s over.

Oh well, different year, same story.

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