Where did this golf tradition start?

Golf Nut, where did the tradition of buying a round of drinks for other golfers when you make a hole in one originate. It seems that it would be the other way around. I’ve been playing golf for a few years now and find this interesting.

Yes, interesting golf question indeed. I’ve been playing golf for more than a few years and I didn’t know the answer to that golf tradition question. So off I went to the Internet to research.
I looked and looked and looked and have yet to find the answer to this golf question. So I am appealing to all of you golf nuts out there. The Golf Nut is stumped on this one. If you know the answer, please let us know.
To the golfer who answers the question and provides the web site or source where the answer was verified, I will recognize them on this web site. I will at the same time recognize the golfer who stumped The Golf Nut with this question. This will not be a regular thing, so take me up on this opportunity for golf fame and fortune!
Please email your answers to thegolfnut@the-golf-nut.com and include your answer as well as written permission to print your name on our site.
So put your golf clubs aside for a minute and start surfing or reading and help us out here!

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  1. Good luck.
    This is an old tradition. Traditions are rarely documented. I can only point you to the reason. Golf is an European sport. So, its traditions are going to have an European spin, similiar to lots of other old institutions coming from Europe. The person who made a significant accomplishment throws the celebration. Weddings; the family who found a match for their daughter throws the party, not the guests. Military, the person getting promoted throws the party, not the soldiers – this bled into cooperate world too. Just a couple of examples. No documentation, it just started and continued. Tradition. Hope that helps.

  2. Tim,
    Thanks for that. It sounds logical and it makes sense, especially regarding golf tradition and golf history.
    Unless some other golfer comes up with some facts, this is probably the best answer.
    The Golf Nut

  3. Golf Nut—I have wondered about this tradition for years. What do you think of the idea that it is a hedge against cheating? If one is going to have to buy the clubhouse a round, chances are he did make a hole in one.

  4. Well, Golf Nut, I have been searching for a historical record of this first being a tradition and have not found a good answer. Here is what I think:

    the local pub made up this to boost booze sales for the day after the hole-in-one

    Just a theory since no proof can be found

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