Great Effort By American Golfers In Wales

Well they didn’t prove me wrong as I asked them in yesterday’s post, but they came within a whisker.  What an effort by the American golfers today in the Ryder Cup.

The US won 6 matches and halved two for a total of 7 points just falling short 14 1/2 to 13 1/2.  And the Europeans needed the final match to pull it off.

Gutsy performance all around.  And some of the young guys really came through.  So I take my hat off to our golfers from America.  You can read about it here if you want more details.

Now, if the golfers from the US Ryder Cup team can avoid going into the singles matches in such big holes in the future, we might start winning these matches more consistently.

My hats off to the Europeans on this victory and their victories in recent years.  They have bested the US consistently and pretty much own the Ryder Cup in recent years.  Why?  Well lots of speculation but one friend of mine put his opinion in simple words today. He said “They want it more than the American golfers”. 

Could be.  I have my opinions as to why and you’ll read about them right here very soon.  Until then golfers, good golfing to all of you.

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