Should Tiger Have Made The Ryder Cup Team?

Ok, I may be in major disagreement with the rest of the golf world, but I really don’t think that Tiger should have been a captain’s pick.  Now Corey Pavin is the captain and he can do what he wants, but I think it was nothing but catering to Tiger because of the fear of the reaction from Tiger if he didn’t make it. I mean this is not the Baseball All Star game where stars make it partly on the basis of their track record because it’s voted on by the fans and it is, in a big way, a game for the fans.

This is a major competition and, quite frankly, the Europeans have mostly been kicking our butts lately.  Don’t agree with me?  Well let me give you some figures.

First, what is Tiger’s overall Ryder Cup record?  10-13-2.  Did you know that? Care to know what, for instance, Jack Nicklaus’s record was?  17-8-3.  Arnold Palmer?  22-8-2.  Tom Watson? 10-4-1.   So for all the hype from his younger days about what a tremendous match play golfer he was, he hasn’t quite lived up to the hype in Ryder Cup competition.  Now I know I am comparing him to some legends, but haven’t many called him potentially the greatest golfer of all time?

And he only shows up in the top five of categories of performance in the Ryder Cup in two categories.  Guess what they are?  Most matches lost –13  (2nd) and most four ball matches lost –6 (tied for 1st).

Here are some more numbers.  Wins this year—0.   Year of his worst four round tournament— 2010, total score 18 over.

In the past, people have openly questioned his commitment to the concept of team golf and, to me, his responses were always lukewarm.  But now, when he is playing the worst golf of his career, he makes the team, by a captain’s pick no less.

Now I don’t know if I can really blame Corey.  I mean talk about a no win situation.  He was definitely in one.  But while maybe Tiger is potentially the greatest golfer of all time…..for stroke play tournaments anyway.  But to me his career record and definitely his record this year DO NOT qualify him to be picked for this year’s Ryder Cup team.  Sorry Corey,  I understand why you did it, I just don’t agree with it.

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  2. I really do not agree either with Cory’s choice.

    Yes, Tiger may boost the television ratings, but still, it makes no sense to choose a guy who is just going to get his butt kicked. Sorry Tiger, you are in over your head.

  3. I agree! Tiger should have not been part of the team. Not because of all the bad press, but because his game is way off.

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