Is Rory The Best Thing To Happen To Golf Lately? And Maybe To Tiger Too?

Watching the US Open this weekend, I find myself pulling for Rory McIlroy to win my country’s National Championship even though he isn’t an American.  What he is, in my opinion anyway, is one of the most amazing 22 year old golfers I believe I have ever seen.  Of course, he has to hold it together on Sunday to keep the accolades he is getting from the golf community right now.  But if he does, I put the question out there…..Is Rory the best thing to happen to golf lately?  And is he maybe also the best thing to happen to Tiger lately?

I am really amazed at how Rory is running away from the field in the Open.  Similar to what he did in Augusta the first 63 holes.  But even more so with the typical US Open setup at Congressional, you just don’t expect someone to be shooting lights out like he is.

And I think it’s just in time for the game of golf too.  Everyone has been looking for the last few years for the next young gun who could really challenge Tiger.  And now, with Tiger struggling, I believe that golf fans are looking for someone to put some excitement back in the game.  Here he is, just 22, with a great golf game,  he appears to have a very good head on his shoulders, and he also just seems likable.  Just what the doctor would have ordered for the PGA tour.

So I believe that he IS, IN FACT, the best thing to happen to golf lately.  And I could be wrong about him, but I don’t think he will fold on Sunday this time.  I believe he is on the verge of greatness in the world of golf.

Now you may be wondering about my comment about Tiger.  What I meant by that was, at least for his golf game, Rory may be the push that Tiger needs.  With Luke Donald the new #1 and Rory looking like he has the potential to dominate in the majors, for Tiger to regain the spot light maybe he needs to really feel threatened.  And he might now have the threat  he needs.  In other words, someone else (Rory) who is the new darling of the golf world.

So all around, I not only like Rory McIlroy, but also think he is the right thing at the right time for the game of golf.

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  1. It is interesting to read a post like this after the fact. In fact, Rory WAS at the time, the best thing in golf but what is he doing now? I hope he does not become one of those guys who fades content with one major…

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