The Golf Police….They Really Bug Me

Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be noticing a lot more people pushing really fast pace of play in golf lately. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like slow play on a golf course any more than the next guy, but it is starting to border on ridiculous. Let me give you some recent examples I experienced….

Not long ago I was playing with a foursome and it was one of those weekend rounds that was  taking a little longer than it should, but it wasn’t real bad.  We could see some groups backed up in front of us, but couldn’t see the exact reason for the slow play.  But we just decided to relax and enjoy the golf for the day without letting it bug us.

All of a sudden this over eager beaver marshal rides up from behind us and starts chewing on us to speed up.  You’ve seen the type before, a little badge and a golf cart goes straight to their head.  Add in the fact that he was coming the wrong way on the golf course to start in on us when there were groups backed up in front of us and I thought I was going to have to pull one  of my partners off of the guy.

After we corrected him, he just sort of huffed and said something to the effect of  “Well just make sure you keep it moving” and roared off in a cloud of…..well not dust but maybe embarrassment and self importance.

This is typical of what I am seeing more and more of these days.  And I have no problem with the marshal going to the front group that is a little slow and ASKING them to pick up the pace a little.  But to harass and badger every foursome along the way is just ridiculous.

And the problem feeds one of my other pet peeves,  golfers hitting into the group in front of them when play is slow.  It is not only obnoxious and uncalled for, but dangerous.  I have a good friend who is blind in one eye after getting hit by a golf shot.

This happened to us recently and, in this case, like most of the time, they were hitting into a group of golfers who ARE NOT the group causing the problem.  It’s all I can do to not hit that golf ball that comes into our group out into the deep woods or out of bounds area to lose it.

Again, I believe that pace of play should be kept up, but with the rest of the world always going crazy, can’t we have a little peace on the golf course?

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  1. I agree with you 100%…when we are waiting due to slow play ahead of us, the people behind us continue to hit and I have been hit twice over 5 years…what should one say without ending up in a nasty argument? I say let the people behind you plan through and see what they do to solve the hold up ahead.

  2. error there…I meant to say “play” threw not plan, sorry

  3. Today the group behind us teed off before we’d even reached the green on a Par 3!! (not a call up hole)

    I couldn’t help throw his ball into the trees.
    Ended in a good yelling match when they couldn’t understand what they did wrong!!

  4. First of all, you sound like a real big tough guy talking crap on someone that was just doing their job. Those guys are there to make sure people follow rules. Golf courses set limits on the rate of play for each hole and if you or the group in front of you can’t follow those guidelines then none of you should be playing. To be honest, most golfers belong on the range and not the course. Slow play can be caused by a number of things, but if foursomes are catching up to foursomes then someone is playing slow. Stop being a crybaby about it because it’s part of the game. It sounds to me like you are part of the problem. One more thing…usually when golfers hit into people it’s because they can see them playing slow or SUCKING….the point of doing that is to let them know that they suck and that they should move faster.

  5. You hit the nail on the head! I dont want to play 6 hour rounds by why would you be in a hurry to get OFF the course? My God! You’re most likely in the most beautiful surroundings you’ve been in all week. The air is crisp, the company is alright. YOUR ON THE GOLF COURSE!!!! Relax and enjoy for God sake!

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