The Key To Golf Is To Relax

I played just recently with an old friend who had a career round of golf when we played.  The thing that amazed him the most was that he has not played much this year.   He couldn’t believe after a layoff that he hit the golf ball so well.  But those of us who have played for a number of years recognize this situation because we have experienced it ourselves a number of times.  And many of us know why.  Do you?

I have talked and written for years about tempo and being relaxed to really strike the golf ball well.  And, as I’ve said before here on this blog, when we haven’t played much or if it’s been a while since we played last, we tend to play pretty well.  I believe it’s because we are more relaxed than normal because our expectations are so low.  We don’t expect to play well, we don’t over think or over swing and, guess what?  We strike the ball solidly and in what appears to be an effortless manner.

Until we get to about the 11th or 12th hole and look at our scorecard and realize  “Wow, I’m having a career day!”  Then we start thinking, we start trying to do too much, and typically the wheels come off of our golf swing.

The same thing occurs sometimes when we are getting killed in a competition golf match.  When it appears to be over and we quit pushing so hard, all of a sudden we are making shots and cutting the lead down again.

So, this all just reinforces the title to this post…..The Key To Golf Is To Relax.  Easy to say, hard to do.  But here is one pointer I have given out before that may come in handy.   Set a different goal for par.  In other words, if you are a golfer who shots above 90, than use bogey as your target. Don’t try to par each hole.  Set bogey as par and you will be surprised at how many “birdies”  (actual pars) you pick up!

Relax and enjoy the game….and play better as well.

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  1. There is not a thing you can do about the shot you just hit, so forget it and move on to the next shot. Don’t overthink each shot; you probably can’t stand the pressure. Concentrate on hitting the ball solidly and play conservatively and you will be surprised what your score will be.

  2. Yes, the stunt about setting a different par than on the card is a great one I used to use when I was a real player. There was a course I played which had a double dog-leg, left, and then right, on a 410 yard par 4. You could attempt to blast a drive over some pines and into the second dog-leg or you could punch it short of the first dog-leg and then try to fade a long shot around some other pines and over a greenside trap. Drove me crazy trying to par the thing. Then I realized that no one else parred it either. And then when I stopped trying for the four, the hole became a lot easier.

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