Alignment-A Big Help To Your Golf Swing

I got a question recently from a reader that reminded me of a very basic concept that is so critical to a solid golf swing.  I’m talking about alignment.  After the question that I got, I was playing with a group and I started noticing that on many shots, all of us did not get consistent alignment and, as a result, had a number of problems with our shots.Why do we tend to have bad alignment on so many of our golf shots?  Well there are a number of factors that cause this.  One is quite simply the golf course itself.  Many times I have noticed that the tee markers on the tee box are not lined up with where our shot needs to go.  So we line our feet and shoulders up with the line of the tee markers but end up trying to hit the ball on the line where the shot really should go and we end up with a problem.

Another reason that miss this is that we just don’t check it periodically.  I mean, we really should remember that we are just amateur golfers.  And that means that we don’t do things consistently.  So over the course of a round of golf our feet or our shoulders or both will get lined up one way or the other and eventually our alignment is off on a number of shots.

A third reason that I have found for this problem is golfers trying to make shots that they just aren’t capable of.  So their feet are in abnormal positions or their upper body may be leaning one way or the other.  You have probably all been in this kind of position at least once before.   And so a difficult shot from the beginning is compounded by a bad stance and bad alignment.

Here is some simple advice on alignment.  First, every time you hit some golf balls at the range, check your alignment.  It’s easy to do by laying a golf club on the ground in the direction you want to aim just beyond your ball.  Then take your stance.  Once you have your stance, hold your golf club in front of you with the shaft touching each the front of each shoulder.  Does the club point in the same direction as the club on the ground?

Then, without moving your feet or your body, lay your club on the ground with the shaft just touching the front of each golf shoe.  Ask yourself the same question.  This will help your focus on setting up correctly on a consistent basis.

Another little tip is just to have a friend check your alignment.  During a round of golf, have someone check your alignment 4-5 times randomly during the round.  Give them permission to correct your stance or alignment when it gets out of whack.

Just being a little more focused on it will help a ton on the results.  Give it a shot and see what happens.

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  1. Your comment about changes in alignment are right on. Some rounds, I do not even have to think about where I amn hitting the ball. I line up the ball, my stance and my hands and hit the ball. In a zone, I guess. Other times, even sometimes within the same round, things start getting out of whack and I over think and make things too complex and the round goes south. You need to get comfortable, align yourself, get a solid swing thought, trust your swing and go get it.

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