Mental Golf Tip: Trust Your Swing

For a long time, I wondered what the phrase “Trust your swing” really meant.  I heard teaching golf pros say it.  I heard some of my golf buddies say it.  I heard the commentators on TV say it.  But what did it really mean?  Well, once I figured it out, it really helped my swing.Here is what it meant to me and how it helped me.  To me it meant to relax and swing away.  So often, when I hit a bad shot, I could feel myself doing one of several things.

I might have held the club and didn’t finish my swing because I really didn’t trust the shot I was trying to hit.  Or I would try to steer the ball unconsciously and realize that I had stiffened up which really affected my mechanics.

But the key to me became to make sure that once I committed to a shot, to then totally relax and just swing a smooth, easy swing.  Not to think, not to try and do anything but swing the club.  Not that this is an easy thing to do, especially for us amateur golfers, but the more I do this, the better the result.

Where is it really hard to trust your swing and do this?  On a shot where hazards are in play.  Or on a shot to a really difficult green.  Or a shot where I am trying to help my partner and I to win a particular hole.   It’s why the younger pros struggle when they are first contending for a win or for a win at their first major.  It’s when the pressure is on that this becomes the hardest.

And that’s if we have learned to do this at all.  I still don’t have it down all the time. But when I can relax and not think about my swing or the shot while I swing, the results are so much better.  And to me that is trusting your swing.

Hope that helps some of you golf nuts out there.

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  1. I think I am trusting my swing too much… I am a righty, and my drives always slice right. I feel like I am making great contact, and it sounds good too. I have tried tweaking my wrists and the rotation of the club in my initial stance, but I cannot do anything to fix it.

  2. Hi,
    I do believe that we sometimes think too much and over analyse. This gets us thinking about stuff when you should be concentrating on the ball. Set yourself up, with good stance, grip and pointing in the right direction. Then just focus on the ball. I like to try and imagine the ball is big and zoom in on it (pick a letter or number on the ball)and just focus on that. Then trust your swing. There are some good articles on my site
    Good luck – let me know how you get on!

  3. Too often we get paralysis by analysis; that is, we overthink shots. We need to realistically determine what club and shot we need for the distance, elevation, pin placement, wind, moisture, lie, etc. At that point take a positive swing thought, trust your swing and hit the ball. No second thoughts, no regrets.

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