Hate To Say It, But I Don’t Think The American Golfers Will Win This Year’s Ryder Cup

I am as loyal as the next golfer.  And I would love to see the Americans win this year’s Ryder Cup.  We haven’t won back to back Ryder Cups since 1991 and 1993. But after seeing what happened today, the odds are really stacked against them.  And history doesn’t give them much chance either.

Starting with the historical perspective.  Only one time in history has it happened.  Coming back from 3 points down on the last day, which is singles.  We did it in 1999 at Brookline.  Which was a home match for us, by the way.  So what do you think the odds are for us to do that for only the second time in history, on foreign soil, with the kind of weather they have been having?

And given today’s results and the way our “big name” golfers have played, I don’t hold out much hope.  Phil Mickelson became the losingist (is that a word?) golfer in Ryder Cup history.  And Tiger got embarrased today.

And we have a number of untested golfers on this years’ squad.  Now one of the things about match play golf is that a lot of things can happen.  And, sure, the Europeans could fall apart (not likely).  So it’s definitely not over.  But my prediction is that we lose 17 1/2 to 10 1/2.

Prove me wrong guys.  I hope you will!

But the main point of this article isn’t the obvious prediction that we won’t win.  But it is to ask the question….What’s wrong with American golf that we have given up dominance of the Ryder Cup?  And, with the exception of The Masters, if you take Tiger out of the picture, we haven’t dominated any of golf’s Majors recently.

So the rest of the world has just gotten in recent years across the board.  Without Tiger, it appears that we Americans are basically pretty mediocre on the world stage at the game of golf.  Wonder why that is?  More to come.

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  2. I think that Americans make enough money finishing in the top 5 of a tournament that the urgency to win does not burn in our golfers like on the European tour. Second is good enough.

    I also think that Americans do not play in as many match play events as the Europeans, therefore are not as honed in on the style of play needed to win these events.

    I may be wrong on both counts but we have taken a beating in recent years in the Ryder Cup.


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